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Founded by Improtex Group in 1991, our company has been the official distributor of top worldwide brands such as BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce, MAN, Yamaha, Lohr Industrie, Frayler Industrybau GmbH, Princess Yachts and others.

In 1996, current owners of IDC company joined Improtex Group in order to expand their distribution portfolio.

In 2000, current owners of IDC signed the contract with Unilever company.

In 2001, current owners of IDC signed the contract with Gillette company and

quickly became the top performer in CIS countries till 2005

In 2010, IDC separated from Improtex, registered as IDC 2000 LLC, and became an official distributor of Unilever products in Azerbaijan.

In 2016, Algida ice-cream products were added to our portfolio.

In 2019, additionally “Kalina - Chistaya Liniya” brand was added to our portfolio. The same year, the company name was changed to “Unitrade Group”.

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